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Piano Lessons for Kids

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Begin Your Kid's Journey to the world of Piano Lessons

If you are looking to start your kid's journey in music, this is the place to get started. Our piano classes for kids cover a range of topics, from preparing for ABRSM graded examinations to learning how to read musical notation and more.

Achieve Greatness With Our Qualified Piano Teachers

Looking for the best piano teachers in Singapore? Our piano instructors not only have years of experience teaching piano lessons for kids, and are ABRSM-qualified, but they're also experienced performers and graduates of well-known music universities. Rest assured that our piano instructors are more than capable of preparing your kid for their next graded exam. 

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Learn To Play The Piano With Experts

Taking piano classes for kids are one of the best ways to develop the skills that will not only help your child excel in music, but also boost academic performance and overall well-being.

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What Your Kids Will Learn in our Piano Classes

Reading Musical Notation for Kids

Learning to interpret musical notation is the foundation for understanding further musical concepts that will speed up the learning process in a long run. Having a strong foundation in reading musical notation directly translates into your kid's ability to practice more independently and effectively during practice sessions outside of class time, when the piano teacher is not around.

Musical Time for Kids

When performing a piece of music, having a good sense of musical time, or rhythm, is what keeps a listening audience nodding their head to the beat in enjoyment. Rhythm is one of the most important aspects of music. Through several techniques and exercises, our piano lessons for kids will teach your child to develop and understand musical time both conceptually and experientially. 

Effective Practice Strategies for Kids

In a long run, one of the things that keeps a child's interest alive is having a sense of progress. Yet, consistent progress cannot be achieved without effective practice strategies and habits. Our piano teachers understand this, and according to each piano student' level and aptitudes, our piano classes for kids teaches them strategies to improve their practice sessions outside of classroom time. 

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What our Kid's Parents Are Saying

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"I have previously sent my two older girls to a music school and both stopped at Grade 5, as they found the lessons boring and difficult. With my third daughter Claire, who has been learning piano with Simon, the result is quite different. Simon is patient and yet firm. I could see that Claire’s liking for the piano and focus have improved under the coaching of Simon and she is now at Grade 7 with no signs of stopping. 

Simon knows when to push and let go with kids. He customizes his teaching based on the kid’s interest and ability to sustain their interest. I highly recommend Simon to parents with active young kids just starting music"

Colette, Parent Of Secondary 1 Student, Classical Piano Grade 7

Free Trial Piano Classes for your Kid. No Strings Attached!

Learning to play the piano is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. The first step to accomplishing this goal is to find the right lessons for your kids. That’s where our free trial comes in.


We are passionate piano teachers who love helping people achieve their musical goals. You can try out our piano lessons for kids risk-free with, not one, but two free trial lessons and see if we are the right fit for your kid. What are you waiting for?

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