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What Are Chords And Why Learn Them?

What are chords? Simply put, chords are three or more notes played together and they are the foundation of many of your favourite tunes. The great news is, they are easy to learn and you only need to know a small number of chords to play many songs! Here are four chords to get you started with:

Practice playing these chords with your left hand (for now, the right hand is reserved for playing melody lines in our next lesson, Easy Piano Songs), and pay special attention to which fingers you use to play each note in the chord:

  • Finger 5 (pinky) plays the bottom note of the chord (e.g. C note in C major chord)

  • Finger 3 (middle finger) plays the middle note of the chord (e.g. E note in C major chord)

  • Finger 1 (thumb) plays the highest note of the chord (e.g. G note in C major chord)

As you become more familiar with the chords, practice switching between them more quickly; the faster you are able to move from one chord to the next, the easier it will be when you begin to put both hands together and play the melody line in the right hand. Once you have mastered these four chords, you are ready to add in the right hand, and take on some new songs! Here is a demonstration of how to play the chords! Be sure to play along with the video and check to make sure if you have got it right!

Check out our Easy Piano Songs lesson to get started on your first song!

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