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Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano Lessons for Adults

Learning to play piano is a lifelong skill that will never go out of style. It is never too late to get started and to enjoy the benefits of being able to play the piano, from soothing classical arrangements to rocking pop and jazz tunes. Our piano lessons for adults provide piano teachers that are experienced in various genres, qualified with degrees in music and extensive performance experience, and they're passionate about making sure each student gets the individualized attention they need.

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Learn a Musical Skill you will love as an Adult

Ready to put your fingers to the keys and start playing? Our Piano Lessons for Adults is the perfect place to start playing your favorite tunes if you are a beginner at the piano, or to take your piano skills a step further if you are already an experienced player. Sign up for two free trial classes, and enjoy playing piano lessons today.

Achieve Your Goals through our Piano Lessons

At Alpha Piano Studio, we are dedicated to giving you the best piano lessons for adults at the best value. All of our piano teachers have years of experience teaching adult students and are well-qualified to help you achieve your musical goals. We offer a variety of styles, from classical to pop, and to jazz piano.

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Customized Lessons For Every Adult Individual

Music is for everyone, and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to explore your musical potential. We understand that each person has different needs when it comes to learning to play the piano as an adult. That is why we customize our piano lessons for adults lessons to each individual according to their needs and goals.

Piano Lessons for Adults Available

Piano Lessons Available for Adults

Classical Piano Lessons for Adults

Classical Piano Lessons for Adults

Build a solid musical foundation by learning to read musical notation and developing a good sense of musical time even as adults! Learn how to play with good piano technique and effective practice strategies to maximize your musical results.

Adult Pop Piano Lessons

Pop Piano Lessons for Adults

Learn to play your favorite pop songs. Transition from score reading to improvising from lead sheets and create beautiful piano arrangements. Learn piano accompaniment techniques in our piano lessons for adults to jam out your favorite tunes with your friends

Jazz Piano Lessons for Adults

Jazz Piano Lessons for Adults

Learn improvisation techniques and how to play in different jazz settings. Gain new insights into harmonic analysis, voicing techniques, and more. Come and discover everything you need to know to become a jazz piano improviser in our piano lessons.

Piano Lessons for Adults Review

What Our Adult Students Are Saying

“Everyone has a different learning style and Simon always thinks of the best way for me to learn as an individual. His patience, professionalism and effort into every lesson not only motivates but also makes the learning journey much easier."

Dawn, Adult Student, Pop & Classical Piano Student

""Starting as a beginner, it has been fun and fulfilling to take piano lessons from Simon. Simon is both firm and encouraging in his teaching, and offers various tips and methods to learning theory, music pieces, and working on weakness areas. I appreciate the weekly task list that Simon provides, which guides me in self-practice outside of lesson. There is flexibility in learning a mix of classical and pop tunes. Online Zoom lessons have also been working well for me.
Overall, it’s the first time I saw progress for myself after unsuccessfully trying to self-learn previously, and I would recommend Simon as a teacher for beginner adult players looking to embark on their piano journey.""

Hazel, Adult Student, Pop & Classical Piano Grade 1

Take The First Step To Musical Fulfillment

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, but were too intimidated or didn't know where to start? Well, now there's an easy solution! We are offering two free trial lesson for all first timers with us, and we will even provide all the lesson materials for free. With two complimentary lessons, you will get a feel for whether or not piano is the hobby for you, and whether we are the right piano teacher for you. 

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