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Why practice chords at all? Chords are the foundation of much of the music that we hear today, including your favorite tunes! The great news is, they are easy to learn! Anyone can learn them! Here are a few chords to get you started with, and there will a video demonstration at the end of the lesson on how to apply these chords over Charlie Puth's "One Call Away"!

Practice the above chords as they are written, and practice doubling the left hand at octaves. When doubling the left hand at octaves, you might notice for some of the chords start to sound a little too heavy for your liking. There are two solutions to get around this problem: 

  1.  Move the left hand up by an octave; you will notice some overlaps between the right and left hands when doing so. To get around this, adjust the inversion of the triad in your right hand to one inversion higher (refer to the diagram below for inversions)

  2. Replace the higher note of the octave in the left hand to the fifth of the chord (e.g. for G chord, LH will now play the notes G and D instead of two Gs at an octave), and move the two notes up an octave

For a full list of inversions, refer to the diagram below:

Here's a video demonstration of how to apply the chords and inversions over the song, "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth:

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