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Beginner's Piano Lesson 1: Getting Started - Learn Piano Singapore

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The internet is great for learning many things if you know what you're looking for. However, if you're trying to learn to play the piano as a beginner, the sheer amount of information you can find on the internet can be somewhat daunting and tedious to navigate through. To help more piano beginner's get started on their learning journey, we've put together a short no-nonsense lesson to help you get through some of the basics. This would be the first lesson in a beginner's piano series with more to come. Please do ask questions down in the comments section on youtube link if you're not sure about what was discussed in the lessons. Let us also know if there's anything specific you would like to learn for future videos.


1. Getting To Know The Piano - Low in the left, High on the right 0:11

2. Getting To Know The Piano - Recognizing Patterns of alternating 2 and 3 0:55

3. Getting To Know The Piano - Your First Note - ‘C’ 0:55

4. Getting To Know The Piano - The Rest Of The Notes 1:32

5. Basics Of Reading Notation - Time Value 3:55

6. Basics Of Reading Notation - Stave 7:21

7. Basics Of Reading Notation - Treble Clef 7:50

8. Basics Of Reading Notation - Middle ‘C’ on Treble Clef 8:15

9. Basics Of Reading Notation - Notes On A Treble Clef 9:37

10. Basics Of Reading Notation - Bars & Bar Lines 18:30

11. Basics Of Reading Notation - Time Signatures 19:26

12. Your First Tune - Beethoven’s Symphony No 9 20:25

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