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Pascal's Theme [NieR Automata OST] - Piano Cover

Composed by Keiichi Okabe

Arranged and Performed By Simon Ng

Piano cover of 'Pascal' from the amazing soundtrack of NieR Automata. Did you know that NieR Automata won the Best Score/Music at The Game Awards 2017? If you haven't heard the music from the game, it is definitely worth checking out. Amongst some of our favorites are:

City Ruins (Rays Of Light)

Peaceful Sleep

Grandma (Destruction)

Weight Of The World


Song Of The Ancients

For those who might not be familiar with the game, NieR Automata is a sequel to the 2010 game NieR Replicant. The story of NieR Automata is set roughly around 9000 years after the events of NieR Replicant, and the soundtrack of NieR Automata borrows heavily from the soundtrack of NieR Replicant, which also boasts of many beautiful compositions and arrangements worth checking out for music and piano lovers.

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